Welcome to fish in Jokkmokk!

Jokkmokks Jakt & Fiske ( Jokkmokk Hunting and Fishing Association) offers several opportunities for good fishing in the Jokkmokk area. Please see our fishing map for more information: Or visit where you can find more information and also see detailed google maps over our fishing areas.

Please report your fishing in Pearlriver (Pärlälven).

Please send in the Fishing Report for your fishing in Pearlriver / Pärlälven. The report should be sent in at latest 14 Days after fishing. Thanks for helping us develop the fishing in Pearl River!    You find the report here! 


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English version fishing map page 2

Prices: 1 Day 100:- 3 Day 200:- 7 Day 350:- 1 Year Permit: 450:- (500:- at (valid to the end of the calendar year). 1 year family permit: 650:- (700:- at (valid to the end of the calendar year. Valid for people living at the same address.)

You can purchase the permits online at:

Or directly from us or from our resellers:

Year Permits and Daypermits:Jokkmokks Infocenter. Västra Torgatan 11.  (Town Hall ) Tel: + 46 (0)971 – 222 50.  Webpage

Daypermits: Skabram semesterby. (Skabram camping) Skabram village. Tel: +46(0)971 – 107 52.  Webpage


Lets go Fishing!

Jakt, fiske och stugor i Jokkmokk