Welcome to fish in Jokkmokk!

Jokkmokks Jakt & Fiske ( Jokkmokk Hunting and Fishing Association) offers several opportunities for good fishing in the Jokkmokk area. Please see our fishing map for more information: Or visit where you can find more information and also see detailed google maps over our fishing areas.

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Prices: 1 Day 100:- 3 Day 200:- 7 Day 350:- 1 Year Permit: 450:- (500:- at (valid to the end of the calendar year). 1 year family permit: 650:- (700:- at (valid to the end of the calendar year. Valid for people living at the same address.)

You can purchase the permits online at: www.

Or directly from us or from our resellers:

Year Permits and Daypermits:Turistbyrån (Tourist info) in Jokkmokk. Storgtorget 4.    Tel: +46(0)971 – 222 50.  Webpage

Daypermits: OK/Q8. (Gas station)  Klockarvägen 17 Jokkmokk.                                     Tel: +46(0)971 – 102 34.  Webpage

Daypermits: Polcirkel camping (Samelandsresor) near by Öst-Kierats. fishing area (open in summer) Tel.+46(0)971 – 106 06. Webpage

Daypermits:  Macken (Gas station) in Vuollerim. Industrivägen 2.  Tel: +46(0)976 – 103 33

Daypermits: Skabram semesterby. (Skabram camping) Skabram village. Tel: +46(0)971 – 107 52.  Webpage

Daypermits: Turistbyrån (Tourist info) in Gällivare.  Centralplan 4..                                   Tel. +46(0)970 – 166 60. Webpage

Lets go Fishing!

Jakt, fiske och stugor i Jokkmokk